ULTRA joist

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Super dry and stay dry for dimensionally stable timber

ULTRA joist from Glenalmond Timber has been super dried to a moisture content of 12% and fully preservative treated to a 60 year service life, incorporating a highly effective water repellent. This means any subsequent moisture content problems are dramatically reduced. Problems such as squeaky floorboards, popping nails and cracks in ceiling finishes are virtually eliminated

Developed in 2004, ULTRA joist has been used by the timber frame and masonry sector extensively and is the leader in medium high rise structural solid joists. ULTRA joist is designed to give a far higher performance in service than any other structural timber currently available on the market. It is approved by both NHBC and Zurich for internal structural applications and is specified extensively for medium rise building due to its unique moisture repellent properties.

ULTRA joist significantly reduces shrinkage and its associated problems, by arriving on site with a moisture content very close to the equilibrium moisture content that the timber will attain once the heating system has been operational for several months

This unique ULTRA joist treatment not only offers the same 60 year protection as other recognised preservatives, but does so using only a fraction of the water (in some cases only 5%) required by other market leading preservatives. This ensures no swelling or resultant shrinkage caused by the treatment process. Also the built-in water repellent significantly reduces the possibility of moisture ingression regardless of on-site conditions

Full chain of custody

NHBC and Zurich approved

CATG certified product

12% – 14% moisture content significantly reduces shrinkage

Guaranteed less than 1% dimensional movement

Sections up to 72mm x 302mm and lengths up to 12m

Structural grades up to C16, C24, TR26, C27 and C30

Low pressure preservative treatment

Available Finger-Jointed in lengths up to 12m




Thank you – The help you gave us was truly amazing – you said yes to what seemed an impossible request in a heartbeat and what a difference it made – The house looked beautiful and we’re all so proud of what everyone achieved – the family were utterly overwhelmed by the sheer force of goodwill that everyone showed them

Gordon Whistance, In House Designer | BBC DIY SOS

It was an easy choice to move to using Glenalmond Timber’s floor joist system. It gives an improved specification for many aspects of the build, including acoustics, ease of installation, lack of bounce in the floor as well of course as cost effectiveness. A great all-round product, it’s a lot more than just a joist and the level of service from Fraser has been a joy. Whenever you deal with people such as that, the business process becomes a pleasure

Steven Streets, Technical Manager | Muir Group

The larch cladding we got from you is outstanding. We absolutely love the smooth riven effect. Thanks again for supplying the cladding

Adam Turner, Happy Customer