Bridge Construction

Precision Engineered

Leading Supplier of engineered timber for bridges

Glenalmond Timber can offer a wide range of timber to create the style of your choice, suited to your project and most appropriate for your location. The materials are predominantly chosen to befit the bridges’ individual span and clearance requirements which may influence the choice of materials specified. The timber of your choice will be designed and shaped on a tailored basis and can incorporate a choice of parapet styles and decking from our standard range

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Any size of bridge

If you have require large section timber beams please fill out our contact form and attach any drawings. We can also supply decking boards for the walkway

Why Timber Bridges?

The key benefit of using timber for building your bridge is sustainable and low maintenance. Glenalmond Timber are involved in providing large timber sections for wind farm access bridges

Heavy or light

Can be structurally designed to accommodate any type of weight.

Durable species

Hardwood timber has high fire, environmental and vandal resistant properties.

What Maintenance?

Hardwood bridges require very little maintenance, providing an extended life span