Full decking system with fixings



Full decking system with fixings


Transform your garden!

We can supply a variety of species

Decking can transform your garden into a stylish place for the family to gather, eat and relax and it can create a unique walking area for your business/project – architects, please enquire about how we can help create a unique aesthetic. Glenalmond Timber has extensive experience in advising clients on material selection and careful detailing, which is key to ensuring that every project looks fantastic, and meets its performance objectives

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Variety of Species

Glenalmond Timber offers a range of decking species including Oak, Opepe, Siberian Larch, European Larch, Ecki and European Redwood


European Larch

Siberian Larch


European Redwood


Why choose timber for decking?

In contrast to alternative options such as concrete choosing timber has remarkable benefits, some of which are listed below. Our ABODO makes for the best species to use for decking as well as cladding


Relatively inexpensive compared to other landscaping options

Build with ease

Swift to construct, offering flexibility and adaptability

Prevent Slipping

All of our decking is available with anti-slip inserts

Decking System

Not only can we supply a variety of species but we can supply you with fixings


Helpful Tips

Timber decking provides a practical and attractive solution for extending living and leisure spaces outdoors however installation can be tricky if this is your first time; we have put together a few bullet points detailing a simple decking installation process, if followed correctly you will have built a deck to stand the test of time

  • Design the deck you intend to build before buying anything.
  • The deck should be designed and built in four steps. 1: the supports, 2: the frame, 3: the deck boards and 4: the handrail system.
  • If the deck is to be elevated, it is advisable to consult a professional installer or constructional engineer for advice.
  • All structures, including decking, must adhere to building regulations.
  • You will need: a chop saw, power drill, spirit level, tape measure and a square.
  • Use a weed suppressing membrane to stop vegetation from growing up through the deck
  • Hardwood deck boards will need to be pilot drilled
  • Space the supports or posts a maximum of 1800mm apart.
  • If the deck is more than 600mm from the ground, the handrail must be more than 900mm high.
  • Joists should be a maximum of 400mm apart.
  • Leave a 3mm gap between deck boards.
  • Ensure the deck frame is rigid, square and level (with a slight run off) before fitting the boards.
  • Use stainless steel screws only for maximum resistance against the elements