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CNC Detailing

5 Axis Covertek from Uniteam

We have the only machine of its kind in the UK; a Uniteam Covertek CNC machine which can offer a full detailing service to meet even the most stringent design tolerances. Send us your designs and we will review them and revert back to you within 48 hours.

Unlimited Possibilities

  • CLT
  • Solid Wood Detailing
  • Large Feature Trusses
  • Glulam Detailing
  • Complete component house packs for Timber Frame, SIPs and Masonry builds

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Post and Beam construction
  • 3D effect on sheet materials
  • Full design suite and engineering facilities
  • Machined detail sections for SIPS manufacturers

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Joist packs for Timber Frame and Masonry
  • Bridge works for windfarm access and marina specifications
  • Supply of all ancillary fittings and metal work in stainless, painted and galvanised steel
  • Log Cabin Detailing

Large section sizes

Our in-house capacity is 12.5m x 450mm x 200mm but we can outsource much larger sections locally. We have 6-8 trucks arriving each month from central Europe, allowing us to regularly supply bespoke glulam requirements and significantly reduce transportation costs.

CNC Detailing 5 Axis
CNC Detailing 5 Axis

CNC Moulding

State of the art Moulder

We have a Weinig Powermat 2400 CNC Moulding machine, the first in the UK! This revolutionary piece of high-tech equipment not only produces standard industry profile detailing, but now also offers a new generation of infinitely variable timber profiles.

Various Possibilities

  • Cladding, Decking and Skirting Profiles

  • Riven effect texture surfaces to cladding and decking
  • 12m length capacity
  • Corner, architraves and hand rail detailing
  • Sizes up to 200x300mm
Bespoke Loglap ProfileBespoke Cladding Profile


Finger-jointed 12m lengths

Glenalmond Timber has made a £1.3million investment in a Grecon Dimter structural finger jointing facility, enabling finger jointing to lengths of up to 12m +/- 2mm and we are accredited to manufacture finger jointed timbers in C24, C30 and C40 structural grades.

Structural Finger-Jointing

We take regular stress graded carcassing timber and cut into lengths between 1.8m and 3.0m then re-join. In order to prove that the joint is structurally sound, we use our calibrated test rig in Methven in accordance with CATG accredited factory process controls. The joint itself can be 2-3 times stronger than the original timber, and being cut into shorter lengths prior to joining helps to eliminate bow and twist which is always a problem in longer lengths.

We can supply structural graded finger jointed timber in any sections up to 75mm x 275mm and in grades from C16 up to C30 ex-stock. Our production line can cut any length up to 12m and we can also precision end trim +/- 2mm any length required e.g. 9.135m. Finger jointing removes waste incurred by cutting down standard lengths to non-standard and thus reduces cost, labour, waste and disposal on site.

Non-structural Finger-Jointing

For non-structural applications such as external or internal cladding, finger jointing allows us to price large cladding or decking projects in a fixed lump sum instead of per m2 plus 10-15% for waste. For the first time our clients can specify any length they wish for their projects without including a waste factor for standard available stock lengths. This can be up to 20% depending on landed stock available at any given time which, with hardwood or clear softwood projects with fire retardants, can amount to a significant saving. We are currently producing finger jointed cladding in Scottish Larch, Cedar, Siberian Larch, Douglas Fir, English Oak and Sweet Chestnut.

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