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Glenalmond Timber has carried out Fire Safety Assessments in various sectors ranging from public to private and residential

We strive to remove the issue out of conformity, providing you with top class, precise fire risk assessments which meet your exact needs.

All our timber products for fire mitigation are designed to be readily identifiable on site by their bright purple appearance. Only IWS products can be purple.

This is a free service at pre-tender stage for all of our timber frame accounts.

Our Sister Company, Intelligent Wood Systems and ourselves were the original developers of the now adopted Fire Mitigation During Construction Guidance.



  • All our clients have access to FREE fire assessments which will help to determine at tender stage what, if any, fire mitigation products need to be specified and where. We can then supply a full fire report meeting HSE and Building Control requirements at additional cost.

  • Glenalmond Timber house trained fire risk assessors have conducted and/or authorised many fire assessments. We understand the fire mitigation requirements and how to apply them

  • We are the only company with a full holistic FR offer ranging from our sister company Intelligent Wood Systems called IWS FR+. This range includes: IWS FR+ superdry studs, IWS FR+ superdry joists, IWS FR+ OSB, IWS FR+ plywood and IWS FASTBOARD 9mm NON COMBUSTIBLE board

  • We can structurally finger joint our timbers to any length up to 12m, or can precision trim to reduce waste on site

  • All of our fire reports are backed up with accompanying photographic verification

  • Our fire risk assessments are very comprehensive yet very user-friendly, providing you with all of our findings and not leaving you in the dark

Thank you – The help you gave us was truly amazing – you said yes to what seemed an impossible request in a heartbeat and what a difference it made – The house looked beautiful and we’re all so proud of what everyone achieved – the family were utterly overwhelmed by the sheer force of goodwill that everyone showed them

Gordon Whistance, In House Designer | BBC DIY SOS

It was an easy choice to move to using Glenalmond Timber’s floor joist system. It gives an improved specification for many aspects of the build, including acoustics, ease of installation, lack of bounce in the floor as well of course as cost effectiveness. A great all-round product, it’s a lot more than just a joist and the level of service from Fraser has been a joy. Whenever you deal with people such as that, the business process becomes a pleasure

Steven Streets, Technical Manager | Muir Group

The larch cladding we got from you is outstanding. We absolutely love the smooth riven effect. Thanks again for supplying the cladding

Adam Turner, Happy Customer